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Get signatures to put Douglas on the Ballot

We need 2,000 signatures of registered Wisconsin voters in order to get on the ballot.  They must be dated no earlier than April 15, and no later than June 1. The Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) form EL-168 each hold ten signatures; thus I need 200 such forms signed (at a minimum--an extra 5-10 forms would be prudent.)  Will you please download this form, print out a few copies (so you can give some to people that also want to help), obtain ten signatures, and mail it to me?  I’ve created an instruction sheet for you as well.

Please mail to me by June 1, but preferably much sooner, at:

Friends of Douglas Alexander
P.O. Box 258068
Madison, WI   53725

Join Douglas’s team as a
“Team Captain”

or you name your title: “Supreme Avenger?”
Whatever title you give yourself, you’ll be the equivalent of a local team captain 🙂

  1. If people you talk to want to join my team also by signing up for a bi-weekly email, they can indicate you were the one who pointed them to my website. We’ll keep track of how many list you as that person.  If they get others to join, they’ll all be “downstream” of you like one of those multi-level marketing schemes--but no money is involved, it’s all fun.

  2. “But there’s more!” If you get 100 people under you, you qualify for a free “Term Limits on Congress hat.” (as will any of your friends who get to 100.)

  3. “But there’s MORE!!!” If you get to 500 people, I’ll show up at a cook-out with a few of your selected friends, and promise to stay no longer than 20-30 minutes (unless you want me to stay longer.)

  4. “But there’s EVEN MORE!!”  If you get to 1,000 people, you’ll qualify to a free overnight in my house across the street from one of Madison’s lakes, with a great view of the skyline.  Think of it as a free airbnb.

View from bedroom

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